Thursday, 17 August 2017

How to claim ownership of a FB Page so that other Page Admins can’t remove the Page Owner?

First you’ll need to sign up for Business Manager if you don’t create account on Business Manager.
FB Page Ownership

To claim ownership of a Page:

1. Go to Business Manager and click on the Business Settings button.

FB Page Ownership

2. Click the Pages tab.
FB Page Ownership

3. Click Add New Pages and select Add a Page.

FB Page Ownership

4. Enter the Facebook Page name or URL.

FB Page Ownership

5. You’ll be the Page Owner and other Admins can’t be able to remove your Role from the Page.

FB Page Ownership

Note: You can't transfer ownership of a Page to another Business Manager. However, if a business removes a Page, it'll be available to be added by another business. To add a Page, you must also be an Admin on the Page. If you aren't an Admin on the page, you'll have to request access to it.

More on Requesting Access or Adding Pages:

  • Request access to manage a Page in Business Manager. The person or business that owns the Page will still own the Page and can control access from other Business Manager accounts. They also reserve the right to recind your access at any time.
  • Adding a Page to move the Page into Business Manager. The person who owns the Page will no longer own it. The Page can only be managed in Business Manager once it has been added.

Note: Adding a Page to your Business Manager won't change how other people who are already admins on the Page access it.

Disadvantage: You won’t be able to Post and Comment as the Page on the Mobile Basic Version Website:

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  2. can we create more than one admin while tranfer facebook page ownership